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Mystic Messenger has been being refined in review going back 3 weeks by Apple, but we are experiencing calling card problems with in-app-purchases with Apple. And we’ve been hoping to solve this concern. We live requested to acquire calling card purchase data per Apple ID, not per game account, and we cannot accept Apple’s policy since it may cause abuse of game accounts and conflicts with Android users purchase rules. mystic messenger cheats Messenger iOS will be released as as this problem gets solved soon. If we can not solve this presssing issue, we will release with various ways of purchasing PHONE CARDS simply for iOS as a final resort. THEREFORE I am one of the iOS user and lastly surely got to play Mystic Messenger, so when I first play this I had been confused but I finished playing Yoosung route now, was trying for Zen. This game though is packed with secrets, a great deal of unanswered questions, like who is absolutely unknown, how 707 may be relate with it, why they choose mc and all that, I’ve so many question tbh.

mystic messenger hackThat there surely is the game technicians, it was puzzling to understand initially and when i reading more informations about the overall game guidelines from Otome Amino and other sites, I pretty much got by. This game is focused on time, like making use of your phone to text message and call such as a real telephone just it is a casino game and the heroes are fiction. But after getting the hang up of it it turn into a really fun game. One important info, you can not choose your character, it is focused on decisions and who you defend for, if you play you’ll have a random character randomly, that is why if you trying for someone, support see your face up to you can. Another word, if you wanting to wins heart, be noticed that it support a character therefore if you think you choose someone more you could be wrong. I played trying for Zen but i got Yoosung somehow, I was a little disappointed at first but Yoosung path is absolutely cute and it makes me feel nice. The emails of guests, easily knew better I possibly could ‘ve got all the guest but I failed a few of them bc I didn’t understand the overall game mechanics.

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